I lived here for three years, moved to China for a year after that, and then moved back.I like the neighborhood and I like the way this whole place operates. What I like best about this place is that I′ve got the subway; I′ve got the stores; and I′ve got the easy parking. It′s only a couple of blocks from the 401.Whatever you need, [it′s here]. There is a dry cleaner, laundry. The subway is in the basement. They have grocery stores. There is a food court. Movie theatres are there.There′s nothing negative about this place.  
Tenant: Scott Fielder, Teacher
Length of tenancy: 5 years
Suite type: One-bedroom

  My two-bedroom apartment is very spacious lots of room for visitors and for entertaining. 
I have a balcony that is almost the size of another room. And I have a wonderful view 
of the city. The subway gives me access to the whole city. I enjoy that. And when I travel by car, I′m within minutes of the 401. So I don′t have to fight city traffic. There are great restaurants downstairs, like the Keg. And theatres.The [maintenance and management staff] instantly respond to concerns or problems. They are responsive to your needs and are very willing to help. They know you and will always ask how things are going. They′re very friendly. I feel totally comfortable and safe here. It′s a wonderful place to live.  
Tenant: Carol Corsetti
Length of tenancy: 12 years
Suite type: Two-bedroom

  The building is very well kept and competent and professional. The movie theatres are downstairs and I′m just one subway stop away from the library, which I use a lot. We even belong to the health club downstairs. Very convenient. It′s like a community in itself. Everything is right here. I feel downtown North York is really the heart of the city. It′s the location, the staff, the stores. I know the people who own the stores, the people in the food court, the jewelers they are like family to me.The staff here are wonderful. They are so attentive. They are there whenever you call them. [When you see] their friendly faces, it′s home  
Tenant: Withheld, retired
Length of tenancy: 28 years
Suite type: Three-bedroom

  If there is a problem in the building, within a couple of hours, it′s fixed. Nowhere can you find a group of maintenance guys who are so ready and friendly. They are amazing. When I walk in, [the staff] say hi, and they know me by my first name. All of them. I feel special. They make a point to take customer service to the next level. The location is good. The management is good. The units are huge. And the view is beautiful regardless of what floor you are on. The balcony is huge. It′s amazing how big this place is! This place is clean 24/7. The lobby itself is beautiful. You walk in and think, ′Okay, I′m in a hotel.′ Wow. It′s nice.  
Tenant: Nadia
Length of tenancy: 6 years
Suite type: One-bedroom